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United States
:bulletblack: The Basics :bulletblack:
:bulletblack: Jessica M. V. (Jess, Jessie)
:bulletblack: Born Sept. 16, 1997 (age 13)
:bulletblack: Female, in case you couldn't tell.
:bulletblack: Mostly American, a little Russian
:bulletblack: Las Vegas, Nevada
:bulletblack: 8th grade

:bulletpurple: Account Info :bulletpurple:
:bulletpurple:The artist formerly known as AliceAndBlazePwnYou
:bulletpurple: Moved accounts for a fresh start
:bulletpurple: Loves anything silver; chocoholic (hence silvercocoa)

:bulletblue: Aspects :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Writer. I aspire to be the best author I can be. Namely fanfiction and original fiction (not quite fantasy, but not exactly real).
:bulletblue: Artist. Occasionally will upload drawings. Art subjects include anime-style sketches, full-blown digital drawings, anthro characters, and the occasional realistically-styled human
:bulletblue: TV watcher. I'm a total sucker for good reality TV.
:bulletblue: Music. Play flute, piano, sing sometimes, can't get enough of the music Glee does.
:bulletblue: Comfort > fashion. Any day.

:bulletgreen: Good Things :bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: Quiet. Keep to myself.
:bulletgreen: Honest. Don't expect me to beat around that bush, I'll drive through the frickin' thing.
:bulletgreen: Myself. The best thing I can be.
:bulletgreen: Smile! And laugh, too.

:bulletyellow: Looks :bulletyellow:
:bulletyellow: Sort of coppery brown-red hair, coming down to the top of my ribs
:bulletyellow: Tall, thin, not too athletic
:bulletyellow: Pale and freckly
:bulletyellow: Hazel eyes, blue-framed glasses
:bulletyellow: Braces.

:bulletorange: Scares :bulletorange:
:bulletorange: Fire and burns scare the heck out of me.
:bulletorange: Too much cold. Yuck.
:bulletorange: Cockroaches. They're a problem in Vegas.
:bulletorange: Really bad heights. UGH.

:bulletred: Bad Things :bulletred:
:bulletred: Obnoxious.
:bulletred: Insensitive.
:bulletred: Doesn't know how to pay attention.
:bulletred: Bad case of "doesn't-know-when-to-shut-up-itis".

:bulletpink: Family :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: Parents split six years ago, I live with my mom
:bulletpink: One older brother (Micah) and younger sister (Rachel)
:bulletpink: Dad remarried a woman named Jackie; two one-year-old half-sibling twins (Sean and Sophie)

:bulletwhite: I'm the one... :bulletwhite:
:bulletwhite: I'm that girl you see, but don't really notice.
:bulletwhite: I'm the one who everyone wonders how she got so smart.
:bulletwhite: I'm the one who has more friends that she knows she has, because she's nice enough that everyone likes her.
:bulletwhite: I'm the one who you wonder what she's really like, past the shell she puts up.
:bulletwhite: I'm the one who's sort of pretty, but not pretty enough to ask out.
:bulletwhite: I'm the one who would never take a joint at the party, or have a drink.
:bulletwhite: I'm the one who won't take crap from anyone.
:bulletwhite: I'm the one who's not afraid to be herself.

(Which one are you?)

Current Residence: Las Vegas, NV
Favourite genre of music: Pop and a capella
Favourite style of art: Anime and digital painting
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: I have a nineties CD player that I use all the time.
Shell of choice: TURTLE.
Wallpaper of choice: ATM: This awesome Kurt/Blaine from Glee wallpaper
Favourite cartoon character: The people in Young Justice. Namely Kid Flash. <3
Personal Quote: "If there's a bottom, that means there's a top." <3

1. Disneyland was awesome. If you go, go on a blackout day when none of the local passes work. It does wonders for the lines.
2. Go on the Ferris Wheel at California Adventure.
3. I got the new Kingdom Keepers book. It totally destroyed my (twisted) idea of Philby being bi. DARN. Although it did wonders for:
     b. Philla. Which I like.
     c. Feeding my Willbeck passion. Which I love.
4. GLEE IS ON TONIGHT. AND I'M ACTUALLY WATCHING IT. Cause, you know, prom means pretty dresses.
5. Honor band concert... I'm freaking out internally, although I seem quite calm.
6. I'm hungry. I'm, like, never hungry. I'm so confused.
7. SPAH.
9. Speaking of Team/Blu, I have fanart in progress. (Which is where it's been for two weeks. So I may redo it.)
10. Also. Jim and Lee are in chapter 4 of Bloodsong. That's right.
11. And that chapter is in progress.
12. I forgot about Script Frenzy. I'm stupid.
13. New Warriors book. (Did I say this?)
     a. Brambleclaw is being a butthole.
     b. Dovewing/Foxleap, people. It's my new endgame. (Along with Klaine, Kapashima, and Lim. But that's completely unrelated. For more information, google number 7.)
     c. Jayfeather, I love you, but could you angst a little less?
     d. Briarlight had better not die.
     e. I mean it.
14. Dinnertime.
15. Bye.
16. Go read Spah. I mean it.
17. Bye for reals now.

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